NDIS Investing: is there anything safer than having the federal government paying your rent?

Land $47,000 under market value.

In this syndicate you get a $197,000 block of land for $150,000

right Click here to download the lawyers presentation

IMPORTANT: to hear the presentation, you will see on most paged there’s a speaker in the bottom right corner. When you click on this a play bar appears, this is where you can hear the audio. We had hoped for more of a webinar presentation from Clayton but we ended up with this. Old school solicitors… I suppose that’s a good thing. Better at doing law than technology. 

They’ll be avaliable for questionson the Zoom call.

next steps from here


Attend the Zoom call with MBA Lawyers

This is tentitively booked for Thursday 1pm but the time is to be confirmed.


Complete the application with MBA Lawyers


Deposit funds into MBA Lawyers trust account

This is the funds required to cover the setup of the unit trustand all legal documentation required. Approximately $4,000 per syndicate member.

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