What other property type will give you a cash flow you can live on now?

What does an NDIS House Cost?
How Much Cash Do You Need?
How Much Will You Make?


How to get to 10 properties in under 7 years

Must see video. By simply reinvesting your positive cash flow you can build a very substantial property postfolio in a very sort time. What to replace your income, watch this.


What are all the NDIS investment options?

Lowest cost? Guaranteed incomes? Highest incomes? Biggest demand? See whwre they all fit on the matrix of NDIS options.


How can I know if I'll get tenants?

Everyone worroes about getting tenants. Internet horror stories abound... but what is reality? How long will it take to get tenants?


These rents seem too good to be true?

Thinking that NDIS seems "too good to be true". That usually means you are missing some important and very expensive information.


How do all the NDIS categories fit together?

This is a simple overview of what tenants can live in the dofferent NDIS homes.


How much vacancy is realistic to expect?

In this video we look at the two types of vacancy and how much to expect of each type.


What does it cost to have us set this all up for you?

What's the catch? There's no such thing as a free lunch, so what does it cost to work woth us?


How much cash is needed to get going?

This video breaks down all the costs involved in getting into an NDIS property.


How does the cash flow work?

In this video we look at all the ongoing costs for an NDIS property and how the income works.


What is the best funding source for NDIS?

We have a connection right to the very top of the "food chain" for NDIS funding solutions. 


How are NDIS properties valued?

NDIS properties are now valued using a capitalisation rate, based off their expected income. Learn how. 

What safer place is there to be right now than in a government funded investment program like the NDIS?

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