What other property type will give you a cash flow you can live on now?

how much cash do you need for an ndis property?

IMPORTANT: You only need around $150,000 to get started. There is another option where you can get going with as little as $80,000.

I understand that I am setting an appointment to discuss an investment into an NDIS property. I understand and accept the fees and charges as detailed in the video if I choose to move ahead.

What's The Catch?

Where Too From Here? How Much Does It Cost To Work With Us And Get Into An NDIS Property?

I understand that I am setting an appointment to discuss an investment into an NDIS property. I understand and accept the fees and charges as detailed in the video if I choose to move ahead.


Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows. Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer.

Grant Cardone

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a compilation of every question we get asked about NDIS property ownership.

What kind of demand is there?

There is not a shortage of participants needing housing, there is a shortage of houses. BUT there’s really important nuance within this demand.

In this video we explore the demand and look at the nuance.

What’s the summary I’m in a hurry?
Get the key facts and figures of owning an NDIS property.

What is the biggest risk with NDIS property?

NOTE: While this risk is the biggest of the risks, it's not a high percentage chance.

Do NDIS properties see the same capital growth?

There is definitely growth in NDIS properties and it’s more reliable and predictable than standard properties.

How do we make money?

Understanding how we make money is important. You need to know if my interests are aligned with your interests or are they opposed to your interests and, if so, obviously then you need to be careful.


ndis rents seem too good to be true?

Why is the government paying so much rent? It just seems crazy... and without all the facts it is. Understand the facts and you understand the rents.

Are NDIS properties overpriced?
There's 3 answers to this question.

how can I be sure i'll get tenants?
We have a house shortage problem, not a tenant shortage problem.

Should I expect vacancy?
There are two types of vacancy you need to be prepared for. See how to manage them.

How do the different NDIS housing options overlap?
Short breakdown of how the different NDIS housing categories overlap with each other.

What is the best NDIS property type?

How much cash is needed for an NDIS Property?

In this video we break down every single cost you need to cover to get into an NDIS property. There are several costs unique to NDIS properties that you need to be aware of.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have deliberately chosen an expensive example in this video to show a "worst case" rather than cherry picking a low cost option.

what income can I expect from a property?

How are the NDIS payments and rents determined? This video explains how the rents are calculated for your property.

what are all the ongoing costs?

See how the cash flow works even on this higher priced property. In this video we deduct all the running costs from the income and calculate your final cash from from the property. 

How much do I make from one tenant?
There is a new payment rate for the 2023 financial year. In this video we look at what that can mean for your property if you are paid the single tenant rate.

What about a rental guarantee

don’t be naïve to things like guaranteed rents. If something is de-risked, logically that risk must passed to somewhere else and that will simply cost you in a different way. Most rental guarantees cost you in the form of either higher management, lower rents or a big fat margin on the property.

How can I instantly get my next property?

See how we can instantly sell our cash flow and roll straight onto our next NDIS property.

how do the valuations work on ndis properties?

NDIS properties are more expensive to build than houses in the exact same street, so how so the valuations go?


do tenants want to live in a group home?
The big homes with 4-5 tenants look great on paper but do tenants want to live in them? What about a home with 3 tenants, do they work? Doesn't everyone want to live in their own?

Where do we get the best demand statistics?
Are the NDIS websites the best place to understand the waiting lists of tenants?

How many people are there with disabilities?
How much future housing is needed for people with disabilities?

What's the catch?
How much does it cost to have us set this all up for you and get you into a turn key NDIS investment property?

we also get to contribute
Not only can we make a fantastic cash flow that can replace our income but we also get to make life better for others.

Is the NDIS here to stay?
People worry that the NDIS is a flash in the pan bucket of money that will disappear. Look at what the Investor documentation has to say.

The types of properties that will fail and why?
Some properties have a fatal flaw built into them.

how many potential tenants are there?
How big is the NDIS tenant pool?

how much money do they save from this program?
The SDA is a money saving program. See how...

can you retrofit an old property for ndis?

Lots of people ask if older homes can be retro fitted for the NDIS? Yes they can but the returns are significantly less. The rents for retro fitted homes are paid on a completely different scale, and they are a lot less for an established home.

Like for two high physical support tenants in an old home it pays just $19,126 compared to the $42,335 we get in a new property.

On top of this, you have a minimum amount that you must spend on your refurbishment to qualify for the program, and for two high physical support tenants you need to spend a minimum of $398,531 on a refurbishment. For 3 tenants you need to spend $603,181 on your refurbishment to qualify. As you saw, we’re building a whole house for around $380,000 and with land included it’s coming in less than this refurbishment cost.

I think I’d rather build a new home and get $42,335 per tenant. That’s 120% more and were spending less money to get it.

Remember, they are trying to stimulate $5 billion dollars worth of new infrastructure to be created, so they obviously bias their payment structure to promote the construction of new building rather than retrofitting existing buildings.


The most important word in the world of money is cash flow. The second most important word is leverage.

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

6 properties in under 6 years


Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.

Warren Buffett

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